Flax….and the Holidays

Posted on September 18, 2007. Filed under: Health Benefits |

I am not one of those naturally skinny people.  You know, those people who at 5:00pm mention in passing, “hmmm, I’m a little hungry; come to think of it…I think I missed lunch.”  Not me…I know where every item of food is in my kitchen, and wake up in the morning raring to eat breakfast!   On the one hand, I love to eat; on the other hand, I have a strong desire to be fit and healthy.  Thus, the holidays have always been a challenge for me.  My goal is, and always has been, to maintain my weight over these next few hazardous weeks.     So…where does flax fit in with all of this?  Well, flax is high in fiber; one ounce of flax provides 32% of the RDA amount of fiber needed daily.  Fiber is important in promoting regular bowel movements and provides bulk to our diets.  This bulk fills us up!!!  I have been eating flax on a regular basis for such a long time that I had almost forgotten how filling flax is.  I recently had my “coming of age” colonoscopy.  As part of the prep, I had to refrain from eating flax for 5 days prior to the procedure.  What a difference it made to my appetite!  I normally eat my flax in the morning, and consequently feel full until noon.  Well…without my flax, I was ready to eat a horse by 10:00am!  I was starved!  I was so happy to have that procedure completed (in more ways than one) and get back on my flax.  (By the way, my test results were terrific…must be all that flax! )      Therefore, concerning Flax and the Holiday’s, I plan to change my strategy somewhat.  On days that I know that I have an evening party to attend, I will divide my daily intake of flax.  I will take half in the morning, and half before the party.  The fiber will fill me up, and instead of filling my plate three times with all that wonderful food, I will choose only the items that are my favorites.  I will slowly eat them, and will savor each bite.  I will focus on my friends, family and the real meaning of Christmas.  I will exercise daily, in some way, shape or form…(is shopping exercise?) and will weigh the same on January 2nd as I did the day before Thanksgiving. There you have it…Flax and the Holidays.  Join me as we work hard to remain fit, healthy and happy this Holiday Season.To Your Good Health,
Esther Hylden RN


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